Dáger Zúñiga N.

Full stack developer & content creator

I'm a person who loves to learn and share knowledge, currently working full time with Laravel from views to controllers. I'm a team player and a team lead.

About me

Hi, I’m Dáger Zúñiga Navarro, a full stack developer from Costa Rica - born and living - who loves challenges, to learn, to have fun and to be productive!

I’m in love of full stack development because I can move from styles to algorithms, from database selects to html structures.

I started my studies in physics but it wasn’t my passion so I drop it, and some time later I discovered how fascinating to develop an algorithm could be, from that day programming became my real career and passion.


Here are some projects I've worked on, you can see different technologies and different roles in each one of them. Sometimes it's about flexibility and team working. For other projects you can check out my codepen and github profiles.

Tasky For Management

Role: Full stack developer

To-Do web app where you can create an account, login, manage your tasks, change your personal info and select the theme of the app. All storage in firebase's realtime database.


Rachel's place (old)

Role: Front-end developer

Portfolio site using modern features like lightbox effect on images, easing scroll on window and a handmade masonry layout.



Role: Front-end developer

Vacations & travel website - only front - made using mobile first approach and modern css techniques such as flex-box and css grid.

The Journaler

Role: Main java developer

Collaborative project for college about a social media platform where users can create articles, save them on bookmarks, comment, search, edit profile and more. This android app uses firebase for storage.


Mapache Docente

Role: SEO developer

E-commerce site made using WooCommerce ranked up to the first page on a Google search, plus a 90% on gtmetrix.com page speed score.

    + Jetpack + Yoast

Rachel's place (new)

Role: WordPress developer

Portfolio website using WordPress as a platform to give the flexibility the user needs. Sometimes is better to work from something than from scratch, this was the case.

    + WPBakery Page Builder

Front-End Checklist

Role: Translator

Helping in the community is as important as writing code. This is my collaboration as Spanish translator on this popular project on Github about the performance as a front-end developer.


Floppy Bord

Role: Javascript developer

Open Source game using the popular framework phaser.js, you can pause the game and see the high scores, play it and get a random character every time.

The Hype Geek LATAM

Role: WordPress developer

Blog about geek and pop topics, in this project the content creation and administration were essential. Working with a pre-existing theme is a useful way to accelerate the project, sometimes it is not necessary to start from zero.

    + WPBakery Page Builder


As a developer, I think the most important skill to have is the flexibility to work with what you need to get the job done, and at the same time be able to master what you love. These aren’t the only technologies I’ve used, but they are the ones I dominate the most.

Contact me

You can write to me by email or telegram, I'll answer ASAP.

Or you can visit my profile in other platforms.